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Resealable Can


''A beverage can with the Sav-Ty™ End System is sustainable and easy to use!''

The product is designed to compete effectively with polluting PET and glass bottles which are now the standard for resealable drink containers.

By starting from an aluminum can and adding the functionalities of a PET bottle, the consumption of plastic in this industry can be reduced by 80%.


The cap can be mounted on any current​​ beverage can in any size. It can be seamed onto any standard aluminum can using existing filling equipment without the need to adjust the filling line. So no huge investments.


In addition, the Sav-Ty ™ meets the international standards and requirements of the beverage industry for all types of beverages. So also carbonated drinks such as beer.

A beverage can with the Sav-Ty™ resealable system is easy to use.

Bend the tab up and make a quarter turn to open, drink from the can or pour it straight out of the can, and close it again.

The Sav-Ty ™ concept was developed around a series of patents, based on a new lid opening. Sav-Ty ™ works closely with leading patent offices and has protected its intellectual property on multiple levels around the world.

Van Uffelen was asked to further develop this product in collaboration with Jeroen van Goolen (initiator and inventor). New samples are now being produced in China where some new innovations have been implemented!


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