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Take a look behind the scenes

Read about some of our areas of expertise and relevant information about our methods, backgrounds and specialization.

From idea to product.  


We can also provide in-house prototyping. Fast, reliable and in high quality.

We have our own in-house 3D printer. The new Formlabs Form 3. This allows us to quickly make prototypes of extremely high quality. A layer thickness of 25 microns, that's 40 layers per millimeter. We work with different materials such as ABS, PP and HDPE-like photopolymers. In addition, we use our machine for making mother models for vacuum casting, among other things. With this, we produce 1:1 prototypes with the appearance of injection molded parts.

VII Kleine series voor start-ups.jpg

Injection molding in any batch size

As a start-up it is often interesting to start with a relatively small series. The sales market is still too unclear or the risk is too great to immediately start producing 10,000 units, for example.

Post verhuizing.jpg

New location!

Van Uffelen has moved

We have moved. Still within Arnhem, but in a new prime location. Our new address is Broekstraat 32, 6828PZ Arnhem.  

Come by for a cup of coffee!


Parametric design

In addition to the more common 3D drawing software, we are also fully committed to modern parametric design techniques! We design in Rhinoceros and Grasshopper. Grasshopper is python based.

Van Uffelen samenwerking Oceanz 3D uit E

Prototypes and first series

Low start-up costs, short lead times, no stocks, etc. Read about the benefits of 3D printing here...


One of a kind products

We work with a few exclusive parties within the high-end market. For example, we have a collaboration with Huub and Adelheid Kortekaas with whom we developed a high-end plate setting.

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