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Medical video glasses

Cedexis - Vizo


"Robust, innovative and intelligent solution for the medical industry."

Innovative technologies are more and more embraced in healthcare. Within the specializations of radiotherapy, echography and dental care, specialists are increasingly using so-called ‘near eye displays’, i.e., video glasses. 


In the line of work of these medical specializations, the transfer of screen information in the direct sight line of the patient or the specialist has been proven very valuable. The technology has a direct effect on the success rate of a treatment and it also provides optimal ergonomics. The most important reason for these positive effects is the reduced reliance on ‘fixed’ displays and the negative consequences of this for the patient as well as the specialist. 


Van Uffelen Design & Consultancy has been asked to cooperate on the design of the latest version of the Cedexis Vizo. 

The design of these video glasses is fully based on the results and feedback from the field. Hygiene, safety and sturdiness are of great importance in the medical world. This is why the latest Cedexis Vizo has no sharp corners or edges where filth can build up. Furthermore, the henges are fully engineered to withstand frequent and rugged use. Lastly, the external parts have been tested to resist scratches and impacts as much as possible. 


The interior has been designed with the goal to simplify the assembly process. 

This improvement has been achieved by working with intelligent modular solutions which will also support future adjustments in the hardware. As of now, the first series of glasses are being made in-house from bio certified materials (similar to polypropylene). 

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