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Cash register reader


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Boost your customer loyalty by simplifying your customer identification!

Connecting with your customer as a company or a brand, that is possible in many ways. But what if we tell you that one single system can make the difference by digitalizing multiple touch points in the (offline) customer journey? With this system we make sure that, for example, a customer can easily register as a new member for your loyalty program. 


The Bank2Loyalty system consists of a physical reader and cloud-based software. Moreover, it is compatible with all popular payment methods. Including bank cards and credit cards as well as touch-free payment options on smartphone and wearables. 

Van Uffelen Design & Consultancy has been asked to develop this physical reader. Ultimately, this device will be installed throughout the affiliated stores! 


During the development phase a number of powerful features have been added to the reader to further ease user convenience and the integration for the customer. This makes it possible to identify touch-free with, for example, a smartphone, physical identification with a bank card or optical with a barcode. 


The first series are now being manufactured. Something that was only an idea a few months ago is now turning into reality! 

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Let's work together!

Do you have any questions or are you curious about the  possibilities for your project? Please feel free to contact us or request a free quotation directly!

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