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How can we help you?

Together we will bring new ideas to life.

We are active in various industries.

We support the process from idea to product.

We are active in the following industries

We offer a wide range of production methods and material options. Our focus lies on plastic- and rubber engineering. We fully commit ourselves to make the best use of the newest design techniques.

Medical industry

Consumer industry


"Two  of  the  most important  characteristics  of  good  design are  discoverability  and  understanding.”


Donald A. Norman, The Design of  everyday  things 

Good design is essential.

Yet this all goes further than functionality and appearance. A good product must be profitable, future-proof and cost-efficient. In addition, sustainability is becoming an increasingly an important factor in good design.  


We work with a view to low costs, short lead times and sustainability without making concessions to functionality and appearance.  

In order to actually produce your product, we offer the following production methods.

The choice for a production method is based on the projected volume, material and costs. 

Injection molding

Almost all plastic products are manufactured by injection molding. We can use injection moulding, even for small series.

CNC milling and turning

Machining techniques that are used for both small and large series. We use this production method with wood, metal and plastic.

3D printing

3D printing has become a valuable technique in recent years. 3D printing can be used for single pieces to small production series.

Vacuum casting and silicone molds

Ideal for plastic, rubber or epoxy prototyping. Good to combine with 3D printing for setting up a small series.

Laser and water cutting

Ideal for almost any sheet material. Cutting and punching offers flexible options and is usually computer controlled (CNC).

Conventional workshop

Get to work. We work together with real hands-on professionals.

Productie methode

From idea to product.

We work with the following materials.

When selecting materials, we do not only look at the applicability, the appearance and the costs, but also at sustainability. 


ABS. Nylon. PP. PE. PET. PVC and other various plastics. We offer recyclable as well as recycled plastics such as PET-R and PA12. “A good combination of a raw material and its processing can offer many benefits when it comes to sustainability.”  


Natural rubber, SBR and EPDM or PU rubber in different Shore-A values. See how we use rubber materials in the automotive industry >

'A good combination of material and a production method can bring a lot in terms of sustainability

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