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Professional mop

The Shapery,  Shanghai

Van Uffelen Design & Consultancy has also been asked by design agency The Shapery in Shanghai to develop a multifunctional mop. 


The initial design is created by the agency themself. After the design phase was completed Van Uffelen developed the product into a final production model. 


We developed, among other things, a water spray mechanism. This feature gives the end user the possibility to wet the floor while mopping. 

Additionally, the mop can also be adjusted in height and the handgrip turns and twists with every move while using it. These features make sure that the user can have a good grip on the mop and maintain a healthy body posture while using it. 


On top of that, all plastic housing and loose parts are engineered for injection molding. Out of these parts the loose molds are made in China.  


The mop is manufactured with high-quality materials. ABS plastic and a steel tubing section. Furthermore, the mop is made with steel and a moisture-absorbing foot panel. Quality with a solid appearance. 


Let's work together

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