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Sustainable walls and facades

Voronoi Arnhem | Parametrically designed

Voronoi makes durable walls. These walls are placed in reception halls, meeting rooms, receptions, lobbies, etc. Always made from residual materials. The new circular building!

We offer companies a place to identify with. Create an experience around your corporate identity. To experience is to connect.

Voronoi is a start-up of Rick Aelmans and Geert van Uffelen.

The walls are parametrically designed based on a mathematical algorithm. Scroll to the unique design method of these walls >


Create a wow factor with a circular eye-catcher. To experience is to connect!"

Exterior facade at Beachclub Meer in Winterswijk. Commissioned by Jeroen Schreurs.

A 30 meter long Voronoi facade on the water. Illuminated at night with LED lighting for a unique atmosphere on the terrace!  


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VIII Voronoi duurzame wanden.jpg

Voronoi wall in the Koffiehub of Hesselink Koffie in Winterswijk. Commissioned by Gerrit Hesselink.

This wall is part of the new, fully circular building of the coffee roaster. The  eye-catcher in the sustainable story of Hesselink Koffie.

The wall is made from remnants of the bamboo outer wall. These pieces are connected with steel coupling plates which are galvanized black. Thanks to this galvanizing method, the traces of use on the steel remain subtly visible.  

A strong sustainable character!

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Voronoi wall at Meilink BV Commissioned by Peter Rikken.

Meilink BV designs and develops boxes for intercontinental transport. These boxes are produced in Borculo. The wall is made from residual material from this factory.  

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Let's work together

Do you have any questions or are you curious about the  possibilities for your project? Please feel free to contact us or request directly a free quotation!

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