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Design & Engineering

In collaboration with Oceanz

Van Uffelen has an intensive collaboration with Oceanz in carrying out various engineering projects. "As an Innovator, Oceanz is the specialist and market leader in the field of Additive Manufacturing in the Netherlands." 

“3D printing has grown out of its infancy and has become a professional production technique. Very suitable for product development because of low investment costs, short lead times and flexible deployment.” Read here why we use 3D printing for our customers. >


EFFOST Science to Society Award design. Abstract representation of a cell structure printed in 3D SLS technique.

At the 30th “EFFoST International Congress” in Vienna, the “Science to Society Award” was presented to Dr. Jurgen Lucas. Several personal awards have been printed for later editions.

EFFoST is a non-profit organization that supports the further development of food science and technology. The organization guides food scientists and technologists, food companies and European policymakers to use new technologies and developments to their advantage.

The Science to Society award is designed in a unique way, based on an algorithm. Read more about parametric design here, the new design! >

EFFoST Student of the Year Award 2016 design. 3D Printed plants to symbolize growth of the knowledge of the students.

At the 30th “EFFoST International Congress” in Vienna, 6  Student of the Year awards presented to promising students.

The award has been worked out in three configurations, 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize respectively. A seedling that grows into a full, green plant. Executed with a wooden base, in which the names of the prize-winning students are engraved. 

PhD Student awards.jpg

Below is a video of the production of these awards. 

SOYA winners group 2016.jpg

Let's work together

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