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High-end reproductions

Datsun 240Z aka the Fairlady Z


High-end classic car restoration. We produce a variety of parts for the original Datsun 240Z. Better known as the Fairlady Z. A Japanese classic from the 1970s. These car parts are part of a major restoration project carried out by Chris Visscher.

Chris Visscher has been restoring several Datsun 240Z cars for several years.

His collection includes a number of special original builds, including prototypes from 1969, many of which are difficult to obtain. Van Uffelen was asked to re-produce these parts.


"We have set up several 'production chains' to re-manufacture the requested parts with low investment costs."


Example, we are busy producing the original car's floormats. These rubber mats were used in the very first prototypes in '69. Only a few of these models were made. Later the floormats were replaced by textile floormats.  

In addition, we have produced various parts for under the hood and in the dashboard of the car.  Air inlets, battery covers, rubber cable holders, control knobs, rider wiper parts etc. 

For the unique interior of the Fairlady Z we have produced visible parts such as radio panels, seat covers and parts for the rear-view mirror. 

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Also looking for auto parts?

Are you  a collector or working on a restoration project yourself? We are happy to restore or produce your missing car parts.  

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