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Why we use 3D printing

The benefits of 3D printing

Rapid prototyping helps us turn ideas into realistic Proofs of Concept and facilitates these concepts into high-fidelity prototypes that look and work like finished products.

3D printing has more major advantages as described below.


1. Low start-up costs. 3D printing has little to no start-up costs, in contrast to, for example, injection molding, which involves tooling and machine costs. 

2. Fast turnaround times. Because no time has to be invested in setting up production, the first products can be delivered within a few days. 

3. No stocks.  3D printing works according to the Just-in-time principle. Thanks to the short lead times, your products can be produced quickly when you need them. This way you don't have to build up stock, which in itself entails all kinds of costs.

4. Great freedom of design.   3D printing has a high degree of freedom of design. Unlike injection molding, draft angles, open-close directions, shear stresses, and other factors that limit the freedom of shape do not have to be taken into account. Take a look at our awards for EffoSt, for example, which can only be realized thanks to 3D printing > 

5. Sustainable.  3D printing has almost no waste materials. In addition, local production is possible, which benefits the sustainability of the productionproces. A wish that we increasingly encounter with our customers. 

6. Flexible.  3D printing is driven by digital 3D files. In these files we can add simple product iterations. This enables us to quickly implement adjustments and improvements and test them right away.   

We can create prototypes directly from CAD data and perform rapid and frequent revisions on their designs through testing and feedback.

We now also 3D print in-house with the new SLA printers from Formlabs. This allows us to approach injection molded products on a 1:1 scale, both aesthetically and mechanically.  

Have a look at of our prints on Instagram:

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