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Small series for start-ups

Injection molding in any batch size

As a start-up, it is often interesting to start with a relatively small series. The sales market is still too unclear or the risk is too great to immediately start producing 10,000 units, for example. We are also able to set up smaller series for you with injection molding, 3D printing, or molding. 

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Injection molding: Injection molding has the image of high investment and high machine costs. This is often only recommended for large production numbers. However, as a start-up or starting company, this might not be what you are looking for yet. Nevertheless, with the right partners, we are also able to realize small series with injection molding without the neccesity of major investments. Ask about the possibilities >

Van Uffelen samenwerking Oceanz 3D uit E

3D printing: 3D printing is often used for prototypes, but did you know that this technique is also extremely suitable for manufacturing small series? Due to the fast turnaround times, the low start-up costs, and high flexibility, it is possible to quickly set up a first production series. Read more about the benefits of 3D printing here >

Silicone molds, casting, and vacuum forming: Low start-up costs, relatively short lead times, and the possibility of small quantities apply here as well. We produce series from single pieces to several hundred pieces. For example, see here how we use these techniques in the automotive industry >

In addition to these techniques, we also work with laser cutting, water cutting and milling. View our production techniques >

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